Its been an eight-year wait for commuters who have been waiting for MRT trains to stop at the Woodleigh Station along the North-East Line (NEL).

The first train stopped at the station at around 5.55am on Monday to kick start train operations at the station which lies in between the Serangoon Interchange and the Potong Pasir MRT station.

But the first day of operations at Woodleigh was not without some confusion.

Passengers were used to getting off at the Serangoon immediately after the Potong Pasir station.

And the opening of Woodleigh caught regular commuters by surprise.

Mr Larry Teng, 54, a building maintenance supervisor got off one stop too early after suddenly waking up from his nap on the train ride.He said he did not hear that the station was opening.

Businessman Yusof Raju, 46, was similarly confused. He alighted when he saw the new station, thinking he was on the wrong train. He said "I asked someone on the train and she didn’t know either – she told me I should get off and change trains."

A number of netizens also commented that they had not heard of the Woodleigh station until today (see report on Twitter reactions below).

The report said the station was closed since the opening of the North East Line (NEL) because of low commuter traffic in the area.

But in March former transport minister Raymond Lim

Bernadette Phua said: "I thought it was Serangoon so I got down."

It was the same for those travelling in the opposite direction towards Harbourfront.

Several thought it was it was Potong Pasir immediately after Serangoon Station.

Before the station opened, the nearest train station for residents living in the area had been the Potong Pasir MRT station.

Potong Pasir MP, Sitoh Yih Pin and grassroots leaders were also at the station.

MP Sitoh said: "During the general election, we had a five-year plan for residents and it includes a whole array of facilities.

With the opening of Woodleigh Station, step by step our vision for the Potong Pasir residents is becoming a reality."

Woodleigh Station had remained closed since the North-East Line began operations in 2003 because of low commuter traffic in the vicinity.

Former Transport Minister Raymond Lim told Parliament in March during the Budget debate that the pace of new developments around Woodleigh has since picked up, and SBS Transit, the operator of the North-east Line had decided to open the station in June 2011.

Many commuters, especially those living near Woodleigh Station and also in the Braddell Road and Joo Seng area, stood to benefit from the station’s opening.

Among the developments which are springing up in the vicinity include a new international school and several condominium developments.

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