Barangay Singapore on September 2nd, 2011

Tweet As an employee who have serve a company for sometime, you may receive the following: Retrenchment benefits when your employer no longer needs your services; or Retirement benefits when you reached your retirement age. Retrenchment benefits Retrenchment benefits are payments given by employers to compensate for the loss of employment. Payments to compensate employees […]

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Tweet THE Land Transport Authority will revise Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates at three gantries after completing its third quarterly review. The Land Transport Authority will revise Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) rates after completing its third quarterly review.   The ERP rate on the Central Expressway gantry north of Braddell Road will be $1 between […]

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Barangay Singapore on June 22nd, 2011

Tweet TWO businessmen were charged in a district court on Friday with making false entries in their goods and services tax (GST) returns to evade tax. According to the 29 charges read out to Tan Kim Teck, 44, he is believed to have hoodwinked the Inland Revenue Authority (Iras) into undercharging him $219,596 in tax […]

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Barangay Singapore on April 14th, 2011

Tweet If you have received a letter from IRAS informing you that you are selected to benefit from the No-Filing Service, you do NOT need to submit an Income Tax Return. IRAS, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, will issue you a tax bill (Notice of Assessment) based on your relief claims for last year, and […]

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Barangay Singapore on February 21st, 2011

Tweet Since 1 January 2009, all duty-paid cigarettes sold in Singapore are legally required to be marked with the letters “SDPC”. All cigarettes will be sold in packets bearing the graphic health warning labels as stipulated by the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). The SDPC will be marked on every individual stick of cigarettes. How Does […]

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Tweet Expatriates need to pay taxes, and the amount of tax depends on how much you have earned and on your tax residency in Singapore. A  resident expatriate will be taxed on all income earned in Singapore and any overseas income that was brought into Singapore prior to 01 Jan 2004. The income, after deduction […]

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