Barangay Singapore on August 2nd, 2011

Tweet OFFICERS from the Ang Mo Kio Police Division arrested a 41-year-old man on Thursday in connection with at least five cases of rental scams. The suspect, who owns the flat, had arranged with the victims to view the unit and thereafter collected deposits and rental advances.   The suspect surrendered after the police issued […]

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Barangay Singapore on May 6th, 2011

Tweet The statistics below provide the median rents of HDB flats in various locations with subletting approvals in the said quarter. The median rent indicates that half the units were above the value and half below. Flat owners and prospective tenants may use the median rent as a guide to do their own research before […]

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Barangay Singapore on May 5th, 2011

Tweet HDB flat owners can sell their flats in the open market to eligible buyers of their own choice at a mutually agreed resale price. The seller and buyer shall declare to HDB the true resale price of the flat. They shall not enter into any supplementary or other agreements or arrangements that may cause […]

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Tweet This are the guidelines for subletting of flat but is also useful info for those who will be renting the HDB so that they can verify the legality of the flat. In particular, information provided concerns: Eligibility conditions : Flat owners Flat owners’ responsibilities Eligibility conditions : Subtenants Maximum subletting period Costs involved in […]

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