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The Bureau of Immigration will re-activate its mobile telephone jammers at the immigration zones of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as part of the government’s intensified campaign against human trafficking.

Immigration Officer-In-Charge Ronaldo Ledesma said he directed the bureau’s property section to immediately seek the necessary permit from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to again operate the NAIA cellular phone jammers.

He said similar jammers will be installed in all immigration areas in the country’s international airports as soon as the bureau gets the budget to procure them.

“These cellphone jammers will definitely go a long way in bolstering our fight against human traffickers,” Ledesma said, adding that human trafficking syndicates use mobile phones in communicating with their cohorts and victims at the airport.

According to BI property section chief John Tugade, the BI’s four jammers and its server remain intact at the NAIA departure area and can be used anytime. He said he has applied for a permit from the NTC to re-operate them as soon as possible.

The equipment, which cost more than P400,000, were bought during the previous administration but the bureau stopped using them reportedly due to protests from airline companies and other airport stakeholders.

Reactivating the jammers is one of several measures that the BI and the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) initiated to boost the government’s drive against human trafficking.

The IACAT is headed by Justice Undersecretary Jose Vicente Salazar, who is also the undersecretary-in-charge of the BI.

Three weeks ago, Ledesma announced the adoption of the “S-line” queuing system for all arriving and departing passengers at the NAIA and other airports to prevent collusion among human traffickers and rogue immigration personnel.

The “S-line” aims to prevent international passengers from choosing which immigration counter to line up to process their travel documents.

Airport immigration officers are also strictly prohibited from using their mobile phones while on duty.

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  • Jamal K

    haha…the BI is really really going insane, isnt it?…Cellphone jammers will not do any good neither help in resolving human trafficking in Pinas. It will just cause more problems and will annoy most ppl in the airport (airline ppl, tourist, foreigners, legit travellers). It posses also a threat in security and may cause also trouble in preventing or monitoring illegal activites in the airport like drugs smuggling and terrorism. Cellphone jammers operates in a certain bandwidth an fully operational in a 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or even 40 mts. radius ! Imagine this – you are a legit traveller and wants to call your family who fetched you in the airport and wnt to say you warm regards, you are a flight crew who wants to call your fellow crew members , you are an airport police who wants to report a possible terrorism act, you are just an oridinary traveller who happened to see something and want to report an emergency—and then you pull out you mobilephone and YOU CANT MAKE A CALL, coz the frequency use by your phone is being JAMMED….INSANE AND TOTALL unhelpful….WHY NOT PUT A KARAOKE MACCHINE INSDE THE AIIRPORT nxt time.stupid ppl

  • Jamal K

    BTW a fully operational and functinal cellphone jammer (handheld) cost only around USD 250 +………how come the BIs jammer is worth nearly half a million Pesos?………..CORRUPT PPL !…..and the question is- do the BI officers knows how to use this? or will abuse the use of M-Jammers? I tell you PEOPLE of PINAS particlrly the BI (bereau of Immigration) , PPL ABROAD ARE REALLY LAUGHING AT YOU BCOZ OF YOUR PLAIN STUPIDITY !