TWO businessmen were charged in a district court on Friday with making false entries in their goods and services tax (GST) returns to evade tax.

According to the 29 charges read out to Tan Kim Teck, 44, he is believed to have hoodwinked the Inland Revenue Authority (Iras) into undercharging him $219,596 in tax between 2000 and 2007.

The 44-year-old sole proprietor of TKT Trading that deals in automotive components, also faces three charges of failing to keep proper accounting and tax records for these seven years.

The matter will come before the court next on July 15.

In an unrelated case of false GST entries, the director of Republic Beverages, is alleged to have evaded $20,395 in tax between June and September 2008.

Suharry Abdullah, 34, was charged with two counts of making false entries and six charges of preparing false invoices for fictitious purchases of bottles of alcohol in June to August 2008. This case will be heard again on July 1.

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