I stumbled upon this article from AsiaOne news regarding some maids suspicious activity during their free time like for example during morning after sending their employer’s child to kindergarten school.

They are supposedly freelancing as sex-for-hire.

I have heard similar stories regarding “some” Filipina maids doing this kind of stuff during Sundays in Orchard.  This is not to incriminate and degrade our kababayan in the domestic service industry. In fact I am against some of them doing it and this sometime leads to corrupting the perception of other nationalities that all Filipinas are probably the same.

Disclaimer: I have not witnessed anything, I just heard it which might not be true so take it with a grain of salt.

Under the law, a maid is not allowed to perform other work outside the employer’s home. Employers can also be penalized if they are aware of their maids’ illegal activities and have ‘a part in encouraging it’, according to lawyer Satwant Singh.

As per the Women’s Charter, an employer who takes a cut from a ‘freelancing’ maid, can be jailed up to five years and fined up to $10,000.

But how will employers know what their maids are up to when they are at work?

Read on the story from an investigative reporter on how his encounter with one maid and share your thoughts on this issue……

By Appointment Only

In Bukit Batok, a few maids have given ‘extra’ work a new meaning.

One of them, Rose (not her real name), an Indonesian, is allegedly selling sexual favours to middle-aged men in the neighborhood.

newsmaid1Rose and her friends charge between $40 and $60 for sex, and would also leave their contact  numbers for men in the estate.

This reporter called Rose for an appointment.

Rose was willing to meet, though I was not recommended by any of her previous clients.

Rose, 40, said in English: ‘I don’t go to hotels. I’m usually busy (with my other appointments). You must live nearby so that we can do it at your home.’

Then she added: ‘Darling, do you have condoms?’

Rose stressed that our date would depend on whether her boss was working that day.

She has worked in Singapore for five years and revealed that her customers were usually older men.

One of her regulars, who paid her well and bought her gifts, had recently relocated overseas.

Rose added: ‘If you like my services, you can call me any time. In the future, you don’t have to pay me all the time. I just want to make you happy.’

When it was time to proceed to the flat upstairs, my handphone rang, as planned. newsmaid2

The call from a colleague was my excuse to call off our ‘liaison’. I told Rose that a family member had called to say he was coming over.

Rose agreed to postpone the session and assured me that she would fulfill her contract and ‘not run’.newsmaid3

The next day, I called Rose, revealed my identity and asked her why she was engaging in such activities.

After a few moments of silence, she said: ‘After my husband died (in 2000), I was the only one left to support my family. My $350 salary is not enough to send back home.’

She then hung up.

Source: original story here

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  • Lhencamarao

    i want to report also ms.grace mercado as one OFW in singapore.who is also having a part time sex for hire during her free time on sunday,she is going to meet Mr.Romeo Inere in his house where the company of MR.INere is paying monthly for the house he lives.I want also that the MOM will catch this girl,and  i hope that the PHil.embassy was aware for this matter because MR.INERE ROMEO is also having a family here in PHIls……i want to file block listed to MS.MERCADO because she is alwalys sms me as paninirang puri or moral damages…..her contat no.is 006581475754 i hope that MOM and the phil.embassy will help me in my PRoblems,,i want that ms.grace mercado will catch by the police o singapore.

  • Lhencamarao

    i hope that the MOM and Phil.embassy in singapore will do everything to get Miss.Grace MErcado in prison…..she is also having sex for hire every sunday to MR.ROMEO INERE….who is working also in MITSUI ENGINEERING CORP.in singapore,MR.INERE also pay her and buy expensive things to MS.Grace MERcado……i hope and i wish that the republic of singapore will do something to this girl….she is destructing the images of being a OFW.

  • i.Cardiologist

    Mr. Reporter, you surely reading SBF, right? Well, that’s very common; My current maid who is not so good looking has been helping her good looking friends to earn some extra money. Another part to it; if you are their regular customer; one of those days, they’ll somehow get the CD burst and would tell you a month later that they have missed their cycle and now they have to go for abortion so you should help them either by paying full cost or by sharing it. 

  • Linekenporto

    In Singapore, you can pack your clothes and leave to find jobs overseas… all this bullshit about POEA and stopping your Filipinos citizens from leaving is worst than in a communist country.. stop the bullshit that POEA can help everybody in distress, accidents treatments, insurance claims etc.. Your country is abusing the human right laws by not allowing free travel, freedom to help an individuals… Your so called controls have caused the pINOYS to suffer more financial burdens for POEA charges, loans, placement fees… if your POEA is so clean and good, than did you bother to check that all the maids in Singapore are getting US$450, 4 OFF DAYS A MONTH, etc,….. you bullshiter… pack of lies… ah well your website is fulll of shits.

  • Linekenporto

    your poea documents are pack of lies and bullshitsss… only 2 out of 10 are getting us$450… and only 1 or 2 off days… bullshit filipino shits… good for communist government… liars… your country is the worst violators of human rights, freedom to travel, freedom to find an individual own job, money etc.. what you expect, donations??????? asssssssssholes

  • Linekenporto

    go and call all the maids with poea in singapore and see if you have your facts rights.. you piece of shit.. god will punish you and aquino…