One of the reasons to always follow the rule….

SINGAPORE – A self-employed woman has been fined S$500 for failing to inform the authorities about a change in her home address within the given time limit of 28 days.

Ooi Siew Lang, 48, could have been jailed up to five years and fined a maximum of S$5,000.

The offence only came to light on Apr 28, last year.

An occupant of Ooi’s former flat filed a police report after she found that loansharks had scrawled graffiti at a lift lobby, accusing Ooi of not repaying her debts.

She lodged another report two months later as the illegal moneylenders had used paint to deface the front door of the unit.

The court heard that Ooi moved out of the flat at Yishun Ring Road in August 2009.

She then rented a room in a flat in the same estate – where she stayed for about five months.

Ooi only reported a change in her address in January last year, after she moved into another flat in the same neighbourhood.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Grace Lim said that Ooi admitted that she had been borrowing money from loansharks since 2005.

She had borrowed S$6,000 from six unlicensed moneylenders and was a guarantor for her siblings who took out about S$4,000 in loans.

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