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A polytechnic student has been convicted of attempting to bribe policemen who had taken down his and his girlfriend’s particulars after finding the couple together at a budget hotel.

The 20-year-old student, Zheng Lin, was a student from China who came to Singapore last April to study in Temasek Polytechnic. He brought his girlfriend Mary to a budget hotel in Chinatown at 1pm on 17 September last year.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the couple met last year in China and became an item in July. This was not the first time the couple were checking into a hotel for sex.

On the day of the incident, three policemen were at the budget hotel for spot checks and saw Zheng and his girlfriend. Zheng told the police that he was having a meeting with his girlfriend.

When the policemen took down the student’s and his girlfriend’s particulars and were leaving the couple’s hotel room, Zheng took out $20 and gave it to one of the policemen, requesting them to remove their particulars. The student was then arrested on the spot.

Zheng has been sentenced to nine months’ probation and 130 hours of community service.

The prosecution has lodged an appeal, arguing that Zheng should see some jail time of at about two to three months.

20-year-old Chinese Temasek Polytechnic student convicted for bribing a policeman with $20

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