Three Filipino men were sentenced on Friday to between 16 and 44 months’ jail for offences including theft.

One of them is 53-year-old trader Felipe Marcos Pebenito, who had been permanently banned in 2003 from re-entering Singapore after he was convicted in 2002 of theft here.

Pebenito was then sentenced to two years’ jail for the offence.

But Pebenito returned using another name — Balajadia Porfirio Leabres — and was accompanied by two other middle-age men.

The trio went on a crime spree, targeting jewellery shops and made off with valuables worth S$58,055.

Pebenito’s accomplices were 56-year-old tailor Valbarez Fidel Martelino and 62-year-old Jose Puna, who’s jobless.

The men went to a jewellery store, Valuemax Retail at Block 513 Tampines Central 1, on March 26 to commit theft.


Puna pretended to be interested in some jewellery for his wife, while Pebenito acted as a lookout.

With the sales assistant distracted, Martelino then leaned over the display drawer and helped himself to a diamond bracelet as well as a pair of gold earrings worth S$11,195.

The three men then left without paying for the items.

They struck again about a week later at another jewellery store, Doris Vinci, in Centrepoint shopping centre at Orchard Road.

Using a similar ruse, the trio made off with valuables worth S$46,860.

District Judge Kessler Soh sentenced Martelino to 16 months’ jail while Pebenito received 44 months.

Like Pebenito, Puna, alias Banal Eduardo Cruz, had also previously entered Singapore under another name.

But he had failed to declare this in his immigration papers.

Puna was sentenced to 20 months’ jail and fined S$2,000.

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