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In preparation for NDP 2011, combined rehearsals 1, 2 and 3 will take place on the next 3 Saturdays, 18 June, 25 June and 2 July 2011 respectively, at the floating platform at Marina Bay. The reserve dates for the rehearsals will be on Sundays, 19 June, 26 June and 3 July 2011 respectively.

To facilitate rehearsals, the following roads and lanes will be closed to traffic from 9.00am to 11.30pm on 18 June, 25 June and 2 July 2011:



1. Republic Boulevard (towards the direction of Raffles Avenue between the junctions of Republic Avenue and Raffles Avenue )


Saturdays, 18 June, 25 June, and 2 July 2011

From 9.00 am to 11.30 pm



2. Raffles Avenue (towards the direction of Esplanade Drive between Republic Boulevard and Temasek Ave)
3. 2 extreme left lanes of Raffles Avenue (between Temasek Avenue and Nicoll Highway)

During the event, access to the above-mentioned roads will only be granted to authorized vehicles. Auxiliary Police officers, Police officers and SAF marshals will be deployed at the affected junctions to regulate traffic and assist motorists. Public bus services affected by the road closures will be diverted.

Raffles Boulevard

Republic Avenue

Bras Basah Road

Nicoll Highway

Esplanade Drive

Delays are expected along Raffles Boulevard, Raffles Avenue, Republic Avenue, Bras Basah Road, Nicoll Highway and Esplanade Drive. Motorists are advised to plan their route early and avoid these areas.

Motorists proceeding to Suntec City and Marina Square from Crawford St and Ophir, Road, are advised to use Nicoll Highway or Beach Rd. Alternatively, t hose travelling to the vicinity of Suntec City and Marina Square are advised to utilize public transport to avoid delays.

Parking restrictions along the peripheral roads will be strictly enforced. Vehicles found parking indiscriminately or causing obstruction will be towed away.

Members of public may contact the organizer at the hotline number 1800 637 2011 for further enquires.

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