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The Employment Pass Online (EP Online) system will be enhanced to allow EP Online users to upload relevant supporting documents when submitting a work pass/related pass application. This means that employers will no longer need to submit physical copies of most supporting documents at MOM’s Work Pass Services Centres for verification.

Currently, work pass applicants submit physical copies of their supporting documents when they visit the Employment Pass Services Centre (EPSC) or Work Pass Services Centre (WPSC) to have their fingerprints enrolled.  

There have been occasions when the in-principle approvals for some foreigners had to be withdrawn after detecting inconsistencies between their supporting documents and the declared application details. This has resulted in uncertainty and inconvenience for both these foreigners as well as their employers. 

By verifying the foreigner’s supporting documents upstream at the stage of work pass application, MOM would be able to provide greater certainty to employers and work pass applicants on the application outcome. 

With the new system module, EP Online users would be prompted to upload specific supporting documents pertinent to that application.

As the documents submitted online are for verification purposes, please ensure that the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • clear and correct copies of the documents are submitted;
  • the recommended scanner resolution is 150dpi or more;
  • only PDF file format would be acceptable for the document upload. Each document file size must not exceed 2MB; and
  • supporting documents which are not in English should be submitted together with an official English translation. Both documents must be scanned and uploaded as one file.

Check the list of supporting documents to be uploaded for the various pass applications.

For renewal of the work passes, uploading of supporting documents is not necessary unless there are new updates to the qualifications.

This new initiative will reduce the number of supporting documents that the work pass applicant would need to submit at the work pass services centres. However, for documents that are still required, the applicants will be notified accordingly in the In-Principle Approval Letter.

The new feature will be introduced for work passes that are available for application via EP Online for a start.  It will not be available for EntrePass, Personalised Employment Pass, Miscellaneous Work Pass and Work Holiday Pass at this juncture.

The processing time will remain unchanged.i.e. approximately 93% of the applications submitted via EP Online will be processed within 1 week. Processing time for applications submitted manually via SingPost post office (MOM-appointed collecting agent) is about 5 weeks.

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