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The Philippine Embassy in Singapore announced that it will be launching a passport appointment system for applicants for passport renewal, in line with its thrust to deliver efficient and effective consular services to Filipinos in Singapore.

The Embassy will start accepting requests for appointments on Tuesday, 28 June 2011 for appointment slots scheduled from Sunday, 3 July 2011 onwards. Only applicants for passport renewal may schedule appointments. Applicants with lost/damaged passports and newborn passport applicants are advised to proceed to Window 1 of the Philippine Embassy to secure a queue number for their passport applications.

Starting Sunday, 3 July 2011, the Embassy will process only applicants with confirmed appointments. Walk-in applicants for passport renewal will need to schedule an appointment and return for processing on the date and time of their confirmed appointment date.

To schedule an appointment, applicants should:

  1. Download an e-passport application form from the Embassy website, or request a form from Window 1 of the Embassy. The application form should be filled out completely. The applicant should indicate his preferred date/time for a passport renewal appointment in the space provided at the top of the form.
  2. Compile the complete documentary requirements for the application. A list of requirements is available online.
  3. The passport application form, together with a copy of the documentary requirements, may be sent to the Embassy via email at Applications are also accepted via fax (6733.9544), or in person at Window 9 of the Embassy. Applicants should ensure that their application is complete upon submission. Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  4. Wait for the Embassy to provide the applicant with an E-Passport Appointment Slip. The appointment slip will indicate the confirmed date and time for the applicant’s scheduled appointment.
  5. Report to the Embassy at the appointed date and time with the appointment slip, the duly accomplished application form and the complete set of documentary requirements. After his application has been processed, encoded and paid for, the applicant will be issued a passport collection slip indicating the date he may return to the Embassy to collect his passport.

Appointments will be confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis, taking into consideration the applicant’s indicated date/time preference. Confirmed appointments are made on an individual basis and are non-transferable.

Should an applicant be unable to make his scheduled appointment, or request for cancellation of his appointment, he will need to resubmit his application in order to schedule a new appointment.

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  • PennyLane

    how long shall we wait for their reply? I have sent a request yesterday and send a follow-up today. I have not received any feedback yet. Thanks!

    • Gerific

      and how will they reply with an Appointment Slip?