Another bad news for the Filipino community in Singapore. We just want to let everyone know that the action of these individuals do not represent the Filipino as a whole and we condon their acts.

FAST money, not fast food, was on the minds of assailants in two armed robbery attempts at Burger King outlets on Wednesday and in April.

Yesterday, police said two Filipino men had been arrested for their alleged involvement in the incidents.

The duo, acquainted with each other and working here on S-Passes, struck at a branch at International Plaza in Anson Road on Wednesday.

One of them is also believed to have been involved in another attempt in April at new underground shopping mall Esplanade Xchange.

Both incidents occurred when there were few people around – one outlet was closed for the night and the other had not yet opened for business.

Calling the attempts ‘bold and audacious’, Deputy Commander of Central Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Adrian Quek said armed robberies at fast-food restaurants here are almost unheard of.

Most cases the police have dealt with are linked to convenience stores or money changers.

In the most recent case, early on Wednesday morning, one of the suspects, a 32-year-old, allegedly walked into the Burger King outlet at International Plaza and held a knife to a crew member’s throat.

His face covered with a surgical mask and an eye mask, he demanded that the outlet manager hand over all the money in a safe.

The other man, a 30-year-old believed to be his accomplice, waited outside the building.

The attempt was thwarted after a third crew member ran out to seek help from other shopkeepers. The assailant threw his knife to the ground and fled.

He left a trail of clues behind, including a bicycle chain, which he intended to use to lock the doors of the outlet after committing the crime, and two rolls of duct tape.

His identity was traced through closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage. He was arrested at Changi Airport later that night when he was heading to the Philippines.

He will be charged with attempting to commit armed robbery, punishable by seven years’ jail and no less than 18strokes of the cane.

His friend was arrested yesterday around the Marina Bay area.

Police believe that the older man is likely to have been involved in another armed-robbery attempt at the Burger King outlet in Esplanade Xchange.

In the incident in April, which took place at around 1am, he posed as a maintenance worker to gain access to the store. The only person working then was a 35-year-old assistant manager. He held a knife to her throat and demanded that she empty the safe. After he pocketed $7,000, he gagged her and bound her wrists and ankles with duct tape. She called for help after she managed to free herself.

DAC Quek said she had not double-checked the man’s identity as it was common for contract workers to show up late at night to do maintenance work in the building.

The police are still investigating whether there were others involved in that attempt.

A spokesman for convenience store chain 7-Eleven, whose staff have been in the news as victims of armed robbery, said all stores have CCTV cameras, alarms linked to Cisco and checks by the latter’s roving patrols.

Here’s a forum discussing this incident. They might not represent the Singapore society as whole…..

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