Offer bribes to escape the law? Think Again! A 26-year-old lorry driver who was booked for inconsiderate driving thought that he could get away by offering a bribe to a traffic police officer. He was grossly mistaken and found out the hard way that police integrity could not be bought.

At about 8.40 am, Corporal Mohammed Fadly observed that a lorry driver was weaving in and out of traffic along Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) towards the direction of East Coast Parkway (ECP). The officer stopped the lorry driver, and subsequently explained to him that he would be booked for inconsiderate driving.

The driver pleaded for leniency and asked Corporal Fadly to let him off. At this juncture, the driver took out two pieces of S$50 notes, offered it to Corporal Fadly and told the officer not to book him. Without any hesitation, Corporal Fadly seized the two notes as evidence and placed the driver under arrest for bribery.

Police are currently investigating the driver for inconsiderate driving while the charge of bribery has been referred to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) for follow-up action.

Commander of the Traffic Police, Assistant Commissioner of Police Cheang Keng Keong commended Corporal Fadly for upholding impeccable integrity in the discharge of his duties and holding true to the core values of Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Fairness of the Singapore Police Force.

Ayer Rajah Expressway

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